I am a designer living in Beaverton, OR.



I was born and raised here in Beaverton. I developed a fascination with visual mediums as an ankle-biter, which evolved into a passion for design.

I attended Oregon State University and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Visual Arts.

Working with Nike Brand Design for five years, I discovered an affinity for experiential design and the practice of injecting the fun of sport into my work.

Michael Jordan was an icon to me growing up, so my move to Jordan Brand in 2015 was a perfect fit.

I am married to a lovely woman named Jody.

We have a son named Hudson and a dog and a cat.


I'm a motorcycle enthusiast; if it's got two wheels and a motor, I'm interested. I started riding when I was 18, and my love for them has only grown since.

I love films and going to the cinema, and have wasted a ridiculous amount of brain space on movie trivia.

My musical tastes are wildly diverse and without limitations. From the poppiest of pop to the deepest of the dirty south, I probably enjoy it.

Since my childhood, I've been a fan of video games. I enjoy the immersive stories they're able to tell, and am particularly fond of games that offer a cinematic level of drama and experience.

The outdoors are my true habitat. Camping, snowboarding, hiking, shooting cans off a log – I just love to be outside amongst the trees.

I tend to collect hobbies, which at the time of this writing includes woodworking, running, knife-making, and I am strongly considering taking up archery.


Experience and Environmental Design
Identity Design
Marketing Strategy
Retail Presentation Design
Packaging Design
Photography Direction
Design and Illustration Direction